Three nights a week, I was teaching my friends, neighbors, and past clients in a live class on how to replace their mortgage with a HELOC and start saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest.

It wasn’t like that in the beginning, though.

I'm not going to lie to you... I used to push standard mortgages and I was REALLY good at it.

I made a great living as a mortgage loan officer because I BELIEVED I was doing what was best for my clients. They wanted a new house, I got them the lowest interest rate possible... batta bing, batta boom, big commission checks.

Then one day I bumped into a wealthy mentor who showed me what was wrong with what I'd been doing for the last 17 years.

Instead of landing his wealthy client's mortgage business, I discovered how the wealthy finance their homes using lines of credit. Many nights I was up until 1am researching and that’s when I discovered first lien HELOC’s.

Armed with this bank secret, I decided to create a class where I started teaching others how to pay off a home much faster than a mortgage. I included a bank list that offers all kinds of HELOC’s. None of them are the same since they are portfolio loans.

The response was incredible, but I didn’t want just my close friends and clients to benefit from this. I wanted to reach as many people as possible so families aren’t trapped for 30 years.

There you have it. We love what we do and are proud of the tens of thousands of families that we have impacted on this journey. I would invite you to download our free book and start this journey yourself.


Who we work with

If you have a burning desire to pay off your home faster, a 640 credit score or better, a positive cash flow (meaning, you make more money than you spend each month), and have at least 10% equity in your home, we can help you purchase and pay off your home with a HELOC.
(Please note, if you live in Texas, Texas laws are different than anywhere else, are wanting to get a HELOC on a manufactured or mobile home, or if you are upside down in your home, sadly, we can’t help you.)


Many of our clients, who are young parents like us, talk to us about wishing they could be at home more with their kids. If you could eliminate your biggest debt, your home, you could at the bare minimum, work a part-time job instead of a grueling full-time job. Just think of all the time, money, and resources you’d have available to you to funnel back into your family’s lives, and the college educations you could save for!

Soon to be Retirees
or Retired Seniors

Just think about how much faster, and more comfortably you could retire if your house was paid off. Paying off your home allows you to save that extra money each month that allows for more opportunity to enjoy retirement and not worry so much about paying bills so you can travel, spend more time with your family and grandkids, and mark more things off your bucket list.


Purchasing a new home? Great! We work with new home buyers as well. You can actually purchase a home with a HELOC and avoid thousands of dollars in closing costs that you would normally have with a mortgage because HELOC's only require a 10% down payment.

Real Estate

One of the struggles with real estate investors is cash flow, and by using a HELOC to buy properties you can pay off your real estate properties much faster and build wealth much, much quicker. Even better, you can buy more properties or enjoy more profit right away.
Disclaimer: Replace Your Mortgage does not offer mortgages, Helocs, or loans of any kind. Replace Your Mortgage is not a bank, and does not provide credit offers. Replace Your Mortgage is strictly for educational and informational purposes only.
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